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The knowledge of natural existence is now yours. Though it is impossible for any one man to record all that men have experienced and learned of the art of natural healing, you have received a good introduction to so vast and vital a field of learning.

As to the determination, that is something that you alone can provide. Determination has always been born out of hope and a practical plan. Too often the hopeful are thwarted by the lack of such a plan. For that reason I have reserved this place as a complete and detailed plan for natural existence.

The manner in which you choose to break with your old way of life will depend upon your individual condition and the degree to which you have lived in harmony with nature in the past. Many who have never read on the ways of natural existence have, nevertheless, lived in close contact with the laws of nature. Others have chosen to deny even the natural truths which they have learned.

You and you alone know how well or poorly your past existence has observed nature’s plan of life. For that reason only you can decide whether to break with the old ways through a day of fasting, the eliminatory diet, the grape diet or some modification of one of these.

Let me only hold out one word of advice to you in choosing and performing this break with past excesses and errors: be wise and practical in your choice and avoid painful deprivations. Reread the sections on fasting and the eliminatory diet. Above all, do not enter into this period of self-cleansing with the notion that you are punishing yourself for past mistakes.

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Once you have accomplished the process of internal cleansing to your own satisfaction, you are ready to begin repairing the system. Though your body demands special care and attention distinguishing it from other systems, there are certain conditions which affect us all. For that reason I offer the following plan as a general approach to natural existence.


Start your day with a ten-minute air-bath. Make certain that you provide yourself with enough mild physical activity to keep the body warm. Keep the window open but avoid chilling. Half-dozen deep breaths of fresh air in front of the window will start you off with that extra bit of zip.

Finish your air-bath with a brisk toweling. Now it’s time for your regular morning wash. Don’t bother putting on your shoes yet. The tile floor of your bathroom will serve to harden your feet against the aches and pains of the day. If the floor is particularly cold you needn’t overdo it at first; a few minutes of barefoot walking will be quite enough to begin with.

At first approach everything with care. A break with your old life must not come as a rude shock. Try at all times to blend your past life into the new road you have taken.

Cleanse your body of the wastes that lie in the lower colon through the use of a mild enema. One cup of clear, tepid water will be sufficient to cleanse you of any normal amount of waste.

Following your morning wash dress as lightly as the season will permit and take your sunrise walk. Use this brisk walk to prepare both body and mind for a full and satisfactory day. The fifteen or twenty minutes of your sunrise walk can be put to use in planning the events of the day while your body receives the benefit of sun and air. Breathe deeply of the morning air, for it carries nature’s own green perfume with it.

Your sunrise walk will put a keen edge on your appetite. If you have had any trouble facing the breakfast table in the past just forget it. Now your problem will be one of resisting all the demands that your eyes will make. But keep in mind that it is your stomach you are about to feed, not your eyes.

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Your breakfast should be at least half fruit or fruit juice. It is a good rule to start and complete your breakfast with fruit juice or whole fruit, at least one of which should be a citrus fruit. Here is a suitable New Life Breakfast:

  • Prune juice
  • Whole-grain cereal with raisins and milk
  • Orange juice

Here is another:

  • Prunes and raisins in natural liquor
  • One slice whole-grain toast and peanut butter
  • Half a grape-fruit

And a third:

  • Mixed tomato and carrot juice
  • Half cup of yoghurt and fresh fruit
  • Hot lemonade


Begin your lunch away from the table. By that I mean prepare for your lunch with a bit of relaxation. If you work with your hands all morning, sit back and rest yourself for ten minutes before galloping into your lunch. It is just that fast-paced eating habit that you want to rid yourself of.

If you work with your mind each morning then you could do with a brief walk before lunch. Just ten minutes of strolling through sun-filled streets will bring the serenity you need to truly enjoy and digest your lunch. And here are a few sample menus for your New Life Lunch:


  • Half a grape-fruit
  • Vegetable broth
  • Hard-boiled egg and salad (no bread)
  • A medium-sized apple
  • Tomato juice or hot lemonade


  • Honeydew melon
  • Sardine and salad (no bread)
  • Sliced banana and raw pineapple
  • Grape-fruit juice or hot lemonade


Business Man’s Special

  • Whole orange
  • Hard-boiled egg, whole tomato and radishes
  • Tomato juice, mixed nuts and raisins

You are used to the practice of washing your hands before each meal. Now I ask you to practise washing your mouth after each meal. It is not necessary that a toothbrush be used, though this is the most effective method. Just a few mouthfuls of water rinsed in the mouth to loosen any bits of food that may continue to cling after your meal will help to protect your teeth against decay. It’s a simple habit and one you can easily adopt.


Before rushing back to work you’ll do well unclear your head with an afternoon tone-up. This doesn’t require a gymnasium and several thousand pounds worth of equipment. Just two minutes of your time will do the trick. Start by pulling your shoulders back and taking half-dozen deep breaths of air near an open window. Now relax your shoulders. Now pull them back again. Repeat that a dozen times. Now tilt your head back and close your eyes. Place the palms of your hands gently over the eyes and rest for half a minute. That’s all. Simple? Of course. Worth while? Try it and see for yourself.


On your first day you must attempt to avoid large amounts of protein and starch. In advancing from a fast or eliminatory diet into a first day of natural diet you must not tax your system. This warning is particularly well taken in the matter of your evening meal.

For most of us the evening is the least physically active part of the day. Why then is the evening meal so often the biggest, starchiest, most dedicated to energy foods? This seems to be another of those upside-down habits that we have gone along with for years without questioning. Here are some suggestions for rational evening meals at the beginning of your natural life:


  • Vegetable broth
  • Cottage cheese salad
  • Sliced bananas and pineapple
  • Orange juice or hot lemonade


  • Tomato and celery juice
  • Tuna fish salad
  • Mixed fruits
  • Coconut milk or hot lemonade

 * Dried apricots, prunes, figs and raisins which have been soaked overnight in water with a small amount of raw sugar added to taste. Make enough of this delicious fruit mix to last a week. Be sure all dried fruits are unsulphured.


  • Spinach and carrot juice
  • Cheddar cheese, chopped egg-plant and salad
  • Sliced apple, orange and pineapple
  • Grape juice or hot lemonade


Evening time presents the best opportunity for your natural bath. Taken before retiring, there is less opportunity for your body to become chilled following the bath. In addition, the lukewarm bath water will create the kind of mood that best supports a good night’s sleep.

Immediately after your natural bath is a fine time for your regular body inspection. This does not have to be a daily event. However, frequent and regular body inspection is the best kind of preventive medicine. It is these regular check-ups that will help you to discover minor and major abnormalities in their first stages. Be on the look-out for any unusual skin discoloration, lumps, bruises or wounds. Report to your physician any of these which persist for a week or more.

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Weighing yourself should be included in your regular evening check-ups. Any abnormal loss or gain of weight should also be reported. You should weigh yourself at least once a week.

Many persons find this time of the day best suited for their daily bowel movement. Of course, the important thing is not the time of day you choose, so long as you set aside a particular hour and make this a regular part of your time-table. Simply by providing a particular time for this vital function and maintaining that time-table, you will soon create a condition of regularity.

Changing your bowel habits is not a difficult matter and the benefits derived from it are well worth the effort. Many people who suffer from constipation do so simply because they cannot comfortably use the strange toilet facilities of their place of work, and they have not bothered to train themselves to evacuate their bowels only during an hour when they are in their own homes.


This is the moment when your night’s sleep will be decided. Once you have climbed into bed and begin to wrestle with your pillow it is too late to prepare for sleep. The time to relax body and mind is before you have entered your bed. A warm glass of milk, fruit juice or lemonade is a good beginning for a fine night’s rest.

Now, glass in hand, sit down in a comfortable chair and relax. Turn some of the lights out and sit in the semi-darkness with a few idle thoughts and kind memories of the day. Some deep breathing is all the exercise you’ll need. Fifteen minutes of relaxation is a good road to slumberland. Now open the windows wide, check to make sure that you have enough bedcovers and climb into bed.

The opening days of your new time-table should follow approximately the above outline. Each succeeding day will permit you a fuller menu but you will never again return to that poor mixture of starches and sweets that you once called “food”.

By the fourth day you are ready to consume greater amounts of nutrition. Time then to begin drinking your Fountain of Youth Cocktail. You may like to start and finish your day with the cocktail. Certainly the most convenient and suitable times of the day for it are mid-morning and mid-afternoon.


This should be made in a liquefier, not in a juicer. Cut up and put in the following ingredients:

  • 4 oz. pineapple juice
  • 5 large celery stalks
  • 2 carters
  • 4 tablespoons of dry skimmed milk
  • 6 almonds
  • 2 tablespoons of wheat germ
  • 6 apricots (pitted, dried, unsulphurcd if fresh are unavailable)
  • 6 prunes (pitted, dried, unsulphured if fresh are unavailable)
  • 2 medium-sized oranges (peeled)

Add enough water to make liquid the proper consistency to drink. Where the system will not easily accept citrus fruit, as in the case of ulcer sufferers, substitute 1 fresh red pepper or 2 green peppers for oranges.

About ten thirty in the morning and three o’clock in the afternoon, when the business of the day has begun to sap some of your energy, take a ten-minute break. Have a glass of the Fountain of Youth Cocktail and a little munch to go with it. Here are a few suggestions:

Snack 1

Mixed nuts and raisins

Snack 2

Sunflower seeds and two prunes

Snack 3

A tablespoon of peanut butter and teaspoon of wheat germ

Snack 4

A table spoon of yoghurt with some fresh fruit

Snack 5

One carrot and tablespoon of cottage cheese

Snack 6

A whole tomato and teaspoon of wheat germ

Fruit juices need not be chilled to be enjoyed. If you prefer them cold, however, and cannot obtain them where you work, buy a Thermos flask and take them to work with you.

Though each succeeding day will permit you to extend your diet until you have reached a well-balanced food schedule, there are certain rules which should prevail from the start.

Always undercook your vegetables to gain all their values.

Include some organic food in your daily diet. (Sunflower seeds, squash seeds, sesame seeds, etc.)

Eat a diet as close to the natural condition of the foods as possible. This means fresh foods uncontaminated with poisonous sprays and preservatives and prepared with a limited amount of seasoning.

Use imagination in preparing your meals. Good meals need not be dull and unappetizing. On the contrary, unappetizing meals can’t be good for you no matter what the table of food values may say. Try a new food each week. To get the most out of eating enjoy what you eat.


Employ your natural surroundings to the advantage of your health and welfare. Provide for sun-bathing and barefoot walks whenever possible. Seriously consider building yourself a sun-hut somewhere nearby that you can get to at least at week-ends if not daily. Or find a nearby solarium, swimming pool or open-air gymnasium.

If you own your own home put some chairs outside in a slightly shaded area and do as much working and playing out there as you can. Take your shoes off at week-ends as often as possible.

Remember the word of warning about sunlight. Too much sun is as bad as arsenic and twice as painful. Take your sunlight through the trees or cover yourself with moistened leaves. Don’t bathe immediately before sunning yourself or you’ll lose some of the Vitamin D.

Try sleeping out on warm evenings. At the very least, spend part of your week-end lying on the ground. Let your body once more feel that happy surge that comes with earth contact.

Water cleans internally as well as externally. Don’t reserve the internal wash for periods of illness. A weekly enema will keep the lower colon free of waste and serve to tone up your entire system. Let the enema do for your internal body what the natural bath does for your external body.

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Here’s your house-cleaning list. See to it that none of these darken your door again. Keep these slow poisons as far from you as possible: refined sugar, bleached flour, processed cheese, cocoa, coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, colas and other aerated drinks, aluminium utensils, aspirin and other drugs, deodorants.

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