Workaholic Or Fun-atic?

Workaholic Or Fun-atic?

Play: The New Paradigm In Work

The difference between workaholic and someone who is passionately in their work is very great. The workaholic’s work is serious, heavy; and someone who considers his work as a Play is non-serious and just acting their role with sheer joy. It is all about attitude. Attitude makes the difference. If you love your work, it becomes a play and gives joy. Then, it is no more working but fun, then you no more working but simply whistling. Never think in terms of work. It is not work for the flower to bloom, it is sheer joy, it is play. Think in terms of play.

Work – A New Outlook

Your connotations, your understanding drives you. What does work mean to you? Here is a new outlook that can transform work into fun – then your whole life becomes a playful act. What is work? It is simply an assignment by the SELF to the self. It is an assignment assigned to a leaf by Its Tree. It is what the WHOLE demands from Its parts. It is a part, a role, given to the wave by the Ocean to play. Everybody is expected to play its own unique part in the world.

One must serve the humanity in one’s own unique way. Not comparison and competition but full expression of one’s own uniqueness is what is needed. It is the love of one’s own work that connects and unites the individual with the society. It is not merely a physical or mechanical act but it is worship. Therefore, it is a job to which you must harness your heart. Love thy work. Work with enthusiasm. Pour your spirit into your task. Put the stamp of your unique personality on the work you do. It is working with enthusiasm that pays rich dividends. Do your work as perfectly as you can. “Everything can always be done better than it is being done.” – Henry Ford. The present work, if well done, opens doors to new opportunities. Achieve super-excellence in your work. Place special emphasis upon the quality of your work. When the chief aim of your daily life is to produce intrinsically the best, and not merely the outwardly attractive, you can then afford to disregard the approval and praise of men. The work worthily attempted and well done is its own reward.

Let your thought be of quality, not merely quantity. To do good work you must be interested in it, and to be interested in it you must like it. A man is the most efficient and will more quickly and easily succeed when engaged in work that he loves, or work he performs on behalf of others whom he loves. Whenever the element of love enters into any task that one performs, the quality of work becomes immediately improved and the quantity increased, without a corresponding increase in the fatigue caused by work. “If work comes out of love, it becomes worship.”- OSHO. Whatever you do can become creative. Creativity means enjoying any work, doing any work, with deep love. Creativity has something to do with the quality of your consciousness. Creativity is not something that you do. Only that is creativity when you simply allow the universal force to function through you. You become just a medium. You give your hands, your body, your heart, your being to Existence and then Existence sings a song and it becomes eternal, as eternal as Existence Itself.

“No matter how humble your work may seem, do it in the spirit of an artist.”- Orison Swett Marden. Work more than you are paid for. And also devote more time than you are paid for. No one has the right to be careless in his work, to demoralize his character by failing to put into the task at hand one’s best efforts. Everything that passes through our hands, everything we do, everything we touch bears our trademark. What kind of trademark have we left? Is it inferior? Have we worked half-heartedly merely because the pay-check we receive is meagre? Work is man’s greatest blessing. Vast multitudes of people have been saved from useless, dissipated lives by being obliged to work. It is the law of nature that anything that is not helpfully employed, begins to deteriorate, to go to pieces. It matters not whether it is an engine or a human being – exercise or deteriorate is the law of life. “No ray of sunlight is ever lost, but the green which it wakes into existence needs time to sprout, and it is not always granted to the sower to live to see the harvest. All work that is worth-anything is done in faith.” – Albert Schweitzer. Do your work and ask no praise from men. Just keep your eyes open and keep yourself awake and watch carefully – see that your work takes on the shape and form it should.

Work is worship. It is noble and pure. Those who work hard will succeed, if not today, tomorrow or another day. Nothing can bar their progress if their aim is noble, based on serving man. After they have done their best, and forget the fruit their labour may bear, the forces of nature will help, and start their work in a way unknown to the worker. The ground is prepared behind the scenes and all of a sudden, salvation appears, and nothing remains unsolved. Since the quality of the work and the quality of the worker are inseparable, every job is a self-portrait of the person who executes it. Here are the benefits which we derive from our faithful work:

  1. by learning more and more, our experience and knowledge increases
  2. we receive more pay and better position
  3. our power and influence increases
  4. our self-confidence increases
  5. we get the opportunity to express our uniqueness
  6. peace of mind dawns
  7. we get health and happiness and joy
  8. we receive better opportunities for advancement
  9. we discover better methods and improved ways and means of work
  10. we get more privileges and more freedom
  11. we receive respect
  12. habit of punctuality and regularity is formed

If you are passionately involved with the ordinary it will become and it has to be extraordinary. So work with passion, work with love, be one with everything that you do or do not do.

REMEMBER, work for a fixed period of time daily and then forget all about it. Give time to other aspects of life too. Profession should only be a part of life. Life should be of many colours, rainbow-like, all the colours should be there. Become like a rainbow, with all the colours – nothing sacrificed, nothing excluded, everything included.

IMPORTANT: I feel that technology has made it possible for people to be very well organised, but it can become a bit of a monster to feed unless you really know how you want to use it. Our modern gadgets (computers, laptops, and smartphones) are really useful things, but one of the most important things to know is that they have an on/off switch.


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