Who is Locked Down? – COVID-19 Or You

COVOID19 - Coronavirus

As a matter of fact Coronavirus in itself doesn’t have the capability to travel from one city to another or one state to the other or from one country to another. It even cannot travel from your neighbours to your home at its own. We as human beings are providing free transport to Coronavirus. So, to understand why this lockdown is, we simply need to be aware that Corona doesn’t have the capability to make a journey. Simply with our support, it will ramp up naturally. So, till our scientists and researchers get over to The Vaccine or The Cure for this Coronavirus we must stay home and don’t let corona makes it journey to our home. We need to recognize that it is our mobility that is multiplying the problem. We need to decide here on which side we are – are we going to support our scientists, doctors, the other humans or are we on the other side to support Corona.

It’s the time to impose self-curfew – even in case if the government decides to uphold the lockdown due to economic reasons. This Lockdown does not mean that you are imprisoned; it simply means to ensure that you don’t carry Corona and give Corona to somebody else.

So, Stay home and don’t be the agents of virus!

“It is human mobility which has empowered the virus the way it has. If this had happened thousand years ago, where there was no air travel, no much sea travel, all this, then it would have been just there, wherever it happened. Wuhan or wherever it happened, it would have been just around there, maybe adjacent villages something and it would have died out. But because human beings have become so mobile, today they’re in China, tomorrow morning they’re in Italy, next day morning they are in United States or wherever. Because of this seamless mobility, suddenly corona has taken on a huge form.” – Sadhguru

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Feed and Nourish Positivity to Boost Immunity

Instead of talking or thinking about the situation negatively, you can look upon the other side of the coin:

  • You can have time with your family – believe me your son-daughter have always missed you;
  • Turn this time to be an opportunity to do what you have always wanted to do but could not have tried because of busy schedules and lifestyle;
  • Turn this to be an opportunity to improve your health rather than becoming sick – you can enhance your health by doing Yoga or simply by stair climbing and walking your roof;
  • Or you can simply entertain yourself with your favourite music, movies or web series;
  • Feel the freshness in Nature. It’s healing herself;
  • Look upon sky in the night, you will realise a different and deep sky that is full of stars;

And Remember…

Everything is not locked down… Sunrise is not locked down; Fragrance of the flower is not lockdown; Love is not locked down; Family time is not locked down; Kindness is not locked down; Hope is not lockdown …Cherish what you have!

For those who feel lost at home…

“If you’re feeling lost at home. How’s that? People used to say, “Home sweet home” – now when we say “stay home” you’re saying that’s the biggest problem? I didn’t know it was such a terrible place. If it has been a terrible place it’s time you transform it into a wonderful place, you’ve got plenty of days.” – Sadhguru

To Win over Corona We need to be United – just as an old golden rule ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ – In fact, Being United matters all the time especially when we face crisis.

“At a time like this (COVID-19), definitely we don’t have a medical system, and the economics to really provide everything for everybody, for months on end. No, that won’t be possible. So the only way this can happen is that a cohesive action by the citizens. Most important thing is, apart from what benefits ‘Stay at Home’ has, the most important thing is right now, what decides we successfully get across this situation or not, is how cohesively WE act like one person. We don’t have enough hospital beds, we don’t have enough ICUs, and we don’t have enough ventilators; if millions of people fall sick tomorrow we just will have to let them die. That’s all the option will be. So let’s not take it there, it’s very important we all come together. Let’s do one sensible thing that we stand together as one person as one planet.” – Sadhguru

Preventive Measures We can take to Stay Safe from Corona:

  1. Stay at Home (Not only social distancing but keep individual distancing)
  2. Wash your hands often (avoid touching your face – especially your eyes, nose & mouth before you’ve washed your hands)
  3. Wash your face too after you’ve washed your hands
  4. Wear a protective Face Mask
  5. Always cover your cough and sneeze

The progress of different countries in flattening the curves of COVID-19 infections:

Stay informed and up to date!

Here is a useful real-time dashboard by Johns Hopkins University yet, it’s worth bookmarking right now!

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