Where Does The Fast Lane Go?

Life in the fast lane

“I am a marketing executive working for a company. We are authorized channel partner of a big concern. I have huge targets to be accomplished each and every month but due to the present market conditions I am not able to achieve them. The job is a great pressure and the stress level is much too high for me to cope up with. How can I come to terms with it?”

This person is one of millions trying to live in the fast lane and keep their nerves intact. He is young, educated, dynamic and … disintegrating! The pace of modern life seems so hasty – just a whirl of minutes, hours, and days.

Living in the fast lane is heady. The mind is fully charged and the body keeps on pumping more adrenaline into the blood stream. People are momentarily on a high, but the high is shadowed by the low which comes in its wake.

In metro-cities, commuting to work for an hour each way is normal. Has anybody thought what effect it has on the nervous system and the physique?

Joyce Walsleben, director of New York University’s Sleep Disorders Center, says about her research: “We found that people on a long commute, separate from their weight or obesity or age or any other factor, tended to have higher blood pressure and many of them had hypertension.”

Walsleben conducted a study of 21,000 Long Island Railroad commuters who travelled more than an hour and fifteen minutes between work and home. “Half of them couldn’t stay awake when they had to or they couldn’t fall asleep when they wanted to,” she says.

Teens today have adapted to busy schedules like they would a second skin. They compromise – on sleep, on homework, on social lives. They learn to get by. Whatever it takes to balance school, sports activities, part-time jobs and family obligations, t complete for a place in college, to have spending money…

Fast food, fast relationships, fast success … people need everything fast. Eating on the run is the most popular mode of eating. Seventy per cent of people in America prefer eating in a drive-thru restaurant. “The fat-paced, time-constrained lifestyle that we as a society have developed over the past decade is driving the demand for drive-thrus,” says Stephen Spence, served as vice president with Southwest Securities in Dallas. “It’s an integral part of the way we eat today.”

However, it’s not just in America that the fast food craze has taken off. Eateries and fast parlors have mushroomed all over the world and never lack customers.

Life is more exciting but also more tiring. The signs of fast lane fatigue are in evidence. It is clear that the fascination with speed and efficiency has taken a more serious turn. So many people are living in the fast lane, with or without the knowledge that the road ends on a cliff.

But does that mean we should reverse the gear and go back to the good old days? Certainly not. There is no rewinding in the time track. What is more intelligent and creative is to turn the situation into a blessing. Create new devices to relax in the fast lane. Let life run full speed while you sit back and relax in the whirlpool of activity.

It is said that the contemporary man has everything but time. Absolutely true. But what about one-minute meditations? Why not make the most of every minute?

This is what this post of Balanced Lifestyle Wikipedia is about. There are many fast lane relaxation techniques for you. It’s fun, not a serious affair. Life is so short, who has time for lengthy, serious meditations? Let the turmoil be on the surface. Think of the ocean where in the depth there are no waves, no turbulence. It is simply a question of turning in.

If you have a long commute every day, use that time for talking gibberish to relieve tension. Or, sit back and watch the mind. Let the vehicle whir at the top speed, you can slow down within. Be aware of the gaps in thoughts, in feelings, in breaths, between two gears or two cars… Look for the gaps, and your energy will fall into a relaxed space.

Life is full of competition. You can compete with yourself.

Who doesn’t get the blues? But you can dance them away.

Especially in these times of panic and fear, it is imperative to hold onto our sanity. If the future seems to be increasingly bleak, start living in the present. Go deeper and deeper into very moment and life in the fast lane will be transformed. Then you will actually start enjoying it without having to suffer from its side effects.

We are really at the crossroad in the world’s history. It is absolutely up to us which fork we take – either down towards fear, anxiety, and finally global suicide; or up towards responsibility, consciousness and love – the golden future.

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