What Makes Sex Great On Vacation?

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Do you make love more often when you’re on holiday than at any other time of the year? If you do, you’re normal. If you don’t, you’re missing out! Here’s why going on holiday makes you feel sexy and why you should do it more often!

Every summer thousands of married couples or live-in lovers who’ve settled sown to a comfortable routine of sex once or twice a month suddenly find themselves doing it every night – and enjoying matinees too.

Demure, shy, modest girls can’t get enough of it.

Men whose romances are mostly in the mind find that reality can be pretty good, too!


Why do normal, ordinary people suddenly spend every waking minute thinking about it – and doing it?

What is it about being on holiday that enables us all to throw aside our inhibitions and enjoy a really raunchy break?

To put it bluntly – why do you feel sexy when you’re on holiday?

Here are the answers!

You worries are hundreds of miles away.

At home when you get up you’re nearly always in a hurry. You’ve got to get dressed, grab some breakfast and rush out to catch the 8:05 bus or train. When you get home in evenings there is the ironing to do, meals to prepare, shelves to put up and bills to pay. You’re always in a hurry. There is no time for sex. But on holiday you’ve got all the time in the world. You can lie in bed late in the morning. You can go to bed in the afternoon. You’ve got all the opportunity you need!

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You are relaxed.

At home you’re surrounded by anxieties and worries. Stress can make a man impotent and a woman frigid. But on holiday you can relax thoroughly and completely. You can let it all hang out. The tension drains from your body and you’re in the mood for fun.

You can wander around half-naked.

When you throw off your clothes you throw off your inhibitions. Our clothes affect the way we feel in many different ways. Put on your best interview suit and you’ll feel nervous, stiff and edgy. Put on a favourite pair of casual jeans and you’ll feel calm and at peace.

Wander around in a pair of shorts or a bikini and you’ll feel free and easy.

Everyone else is wandering around half-naked.

Even if it isn’t all perfectly formed, all that flesh is a definite turn-on. At home a flash of thigh or shoulders will set a man’s heart racing. On holiday he’s surrounded by acres of bare flesh. After a few weeks it would undoubtedly become dull and boring. But for a couple of weeks it is undoubtedly stimulating.

Women may claim that they aren’t turned on by the sight of naked male flesh – but the evidence suggests otherwise. Muscular chests, tight bottoms and well-filled shorts turn on a woman just as much as a well-filled bikini will excite a normal, red-blooded male.

Normal inhibitions disappear.

Being away from home – and on holiday – enables us to forget our normal fears and social inhibitions. Suddenly we become the people we’d like to be.

You’re warm.

Ever tried making love in the dead of winter? But when it’s a warm evening and the sand is still hot after a day’s bright sunshine, a gentle romp on the beach seems an excellent notion. A warm sun enables us to cast off our clothes and once they’re gone our inhibitions soon follow.

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You’re with people you don’t ever have to see again.

Holiday friendships are wonderful. The rules are different. People lie to each other on holiday and nobody really cares. People boast and talk of their rich lifestyles and on one really minds. You know darned well that the people you meet on holiday are unlikely to enter your life again. You can behave as badly and as irresponsibly as you like. You’d probably be mortified if the postman, plumber, or paper boy found you sunbathing topless in your home. But on holiday you’ll display your charm to anyone without a moment’s hesitation. You don’t know them, so it doesn’t matter. You can flirt and kiss strangers without anyone gossiping about you. You can, if you like, be a tramp for a week when you’re on holiday – and return home with your reputation unsullied.

The booze is cheap – and you’re not driving.

Alcohol removes any inhibitions which may still remain. It stops you caring about what people think. It enables you to enjoy yourself without worrying about the consequences. Too much booze will ruin your performance but a glass or two will undoubtedly make you feel sexier than ever.

You’ve got the energy.

By the time you get to bed at night you’re exhausted. All you want to do is sleep. It’s hardly surprising that your sex life takes a nose-dive. But on holiday you’ve got all the energy you need. You spend all the lazing about. By night-time you’re ready to start living it up.

You stop being practical.

At home you might worry about getting caught. On holiday – with real life half forgotten – little things like that seem irrelevant.

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