Sex Is Healthy, Guilt Is A Disease

Sex Is Healthy, Guilt Is A Disease

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Sexuality is natural

If we can accept sexuality naturally, ninety percent of our mental diseases will simply disappear, and fifty percent of physical diseases will simply disappear, leaving no trace behind. For the first time you will find human beings in a totally new age of health, well-being, wholeness. Only that wholeness is holy – when your schizophrenia is no more there, when you are one, integratedly one, and courageous enough to accept everything: This is me. Whatsoever it is, it is me, and I am going to make the best use of it I can.

Use the opportunity of life

Repression of any kind is destructive to the body, to the mind, to the soul. Energies have to be transformed, not repressed. Energies are your potential wealth, raw; you have to polish them, then they can become great diamonds. Your sexual energies can become your spiritual liberation. Repressed, you will be in bondage.

I am not saying to become indulgent; that is going to the extreme. Neither be repressive nor be indulgent. Be watchful, be alert; be friendly to your energies, sympathetic. They are your energies, don’t create a rift; otherwise you will always be in conflict. To fight with your own energies is an unnecessary dissipation. You are fighting with yourself; you cannot win. You will simply be wasting the whole opportunity of life.

The Ex Factor Guide

Functioning from wholeness

You are already existing in unity: your body and your soul exist together in tremendous harmony. But if you are being told to be against the body, fight the body, control the body, inhibit the desires of the body, then naturally you are going to become schizophrenic. And the whole of humanity is in that situation.

Man is not a machine. You can function only in your wholeness – that is health. You cannot function if you are against your own body, your own sensuality, sexuality, your own taste, desire for comfort, for luxury. If you are against all these things, then you can live only a very partial life. And that partial life cannot be of joy, cannot be of laughter. Your life will be so crippled you cannot dance, and it will be so dead you cannot sing.

The power of passion

Not only has man blatantly shut his eyes to sex, he has also entered into innumerable inner conflicts with it. The devastating results of this war with sex are too well known to be enumerated here.

The major cause of fear, of doubt, of anxiety, of the stress and strain on contemporary man, is the pressure of passion. Man has turned his back on an inherent and powerful urge. Without attempting to understand sex, we have shut our eyes to it out of fear. And the results have been catastrophic indeed.

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You are not wrong

Your being is the highest flower that has happened to this earth. Howsoever erroneous, you are the very glory of existence. Only through this acceptance, transformation becomes possible. Once you accept, there is no suppression; your whole being comes into consciousness. There is no need to hide and to push some parts, fragments, into the darkness, into the unconscious.

The unconscious is a by-product of our so-called religions. If you accept yourself, your whole mind will be conscious. If you deny, reject, condemn, then the condemned parts will move into darkness. They will act more, but their action will now be hidden, perverted, disguised. The unconscious is created by guilt.

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