Natural Healings And Diets For A Variety Of Health Problems!

Natural Healings And Diets For A Variety Of Health Problems!

For All The Happiness Mankind Can Gain Is Not In Pleasure, But In Rest From Pain! – DRYDEN

You have a human body. You own the greatest assembly of tools, machines, computers and analyzers ever devised. You were complete at birth and you have added nothing since that moment, only developed that which already existed. At birth you were perfection! What are you today?

In the first fifteen to twenty years of life, you existed upon the wisdom and indulgence of others. If others did not eat wisely, you were fed upon their ignorance. If others chose a path that led away from the natural source of health, you were forced to stray with them. Even when you reached that point in life when you fed, clothed and guided your own destiny, your choices had largely been formed by the habits of those who came before you. Each time you learned something new and important in living, you were forced to choose between the lessons taught to you by parent and teacher, and the knowledge that came to you through your own experience. If your life resembles that which most people lead, each such choice has been a difficult one for you.

The errors of the past have played havoc with most of us. Is it any wonder that what was perfection at birth is no longer perfection?

In seeking the path that will return them to the wholesome conditions of their birth, rational livers have rediscovered the laws of nature. With this rediscovery, they have returned their bodies to the simple life that brings with it power of health and the glory of long life. By returning their bodies to the most sympathetic climate, the climate provided by earth, sun, water, air and life-foods (those naturally grown and consumed in the state closest to their raw goodness), the rational livers have found that for which emperors, kings and explorers searched the world over. They have found this, not half-way around the world, but right within themselves and in the earth around them. When you find it, you will have discovered nature’s fountain of youth.

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In the past one hundred years, great discoveries in the field of natural living have been made. These were truly rediscoveries of past life. It is not unusual for valuable information to have been lost to mankind through years of emptiness and ignorance. The steam-engine was invented by the Egyptians two thousand years before James Watt rediscovered it and gave this power to the world. The Pharaohs of Egypt had no use for steam-power when the arms and backs of slaves were so cheap. And so steam-power was lost to the world for two thousand years, until industry found use of it.

There have been times in history, too many, when human life was not highly valued. Such is not the case today, and for this we must be thankful. The rediscovery of natural living and the road to true health and long life couldn’t come until men valued their own lives for what they were, the greatest conception of the universe.

The fact that thousands of years have intervened between early man with his natural life and present man with his modern and unnatural existence, accounts for the lack of knowledge concerning natural living. There are no documents written by the first men and women to tell us of how they lived in harmony with their natural environment. We are forced, therefore, to learn these things for ourselves.

Natural learning derives, as you would suspect, from the observation of nature. We learned of the natural bath from watching the bathing habits of animals which have not lost their sense of harmony with nature. In the same way, we learned much about dieting, sleeping habits, air and sun-bathing and many other matters. Man is not just another animal. He is a highly specialized breed with great powers not found anywhere else in life. Therefore, men cannot expect to live and prosper quite as any other living thing does.

The only other major source of natural knowledge is the human being itself. We watch men and women around us. See how they live. See how they eat, work, sleep and perform the thousand and one daily habits that compose their lives. We draw certain conclusions from these observations and hope that we have found truth. But the area for error is wide.

In knowledge, as in much else, there is safety only in numbers. We can only be sure we have established fact when we have seen it work in enough cases and under the variety of conditions that will convince the disbeliever as well as those ready to be shown. This is the only kind of knowledge I am willing to deal with. Your life is too precious to convert it into a guinea-pig for any fad or whim that may come your way.

In this article, I have detailed case histories of many common ailments. Though each case history is accurate and refers to one specific individual who found relief from pain and decay through natural therapy, each is also representative of many other such cases. That is to say that space and time will not permit me to illustrate more than one case history for each of these conditions, but the particular case discussed is representative of dozens like it, with the same symptoms and similar therapy applied.

As we have already seen, nature provides us with certain basic natural agents such as earth, air, sun and water, for gaining and maintaining health and longevity. It is important for us to understand these fundamentals well, for they are the foundation of natural living. In the field of natural therapy, there are also basic agents with which we must become well acquainted, since they are fundamental to the treatment of decay and disease. Again and again, you will find these basic natural courses referred to in the case histories outlined. For that reason, it is best that you be introduced to them at once, so that you may better understand their uses and great healing values.



Primary in the treatment of many ailments, particularly that involving swollen or sensitive skin tissue, is the pack. There are many forms of packs, each with a special job to accomplish in returning your body to full health. These packs differ in size and temperature and in materials and are referred to as hot, cold, whole, and small, water and clay. When the term pack is applied alone, it is taken to mean a water pack of medium temperature to be applied to the affected area.

Packs were used for two principal functions: to induce stimulation naturally (druglessly) to the blood stream, and to break a fever. When stimulation was urgent the closed pack was used. In breaking a fever, the open pack was always employed. The difference between the two lies in the heavy, dry outer layer used in the closed pack to deny air to the wet layer and induce perspiration. The open pack can be described “as a large compress, exposed to the air where evaporation causes a natural cooling of the body. Extreme caution was always taken, both during the open and closed pack, to prevent the body from being chilled. In case of fever, the body temperature was constantly measured and the moment that it began to fall, the open pack was removed and the patient wrapped in a light blanket.

Water Packs

Water packs are always applied in a room of comfortable temperature. When used to induce circulation and perspiration (closed packs), care is taken to keep the outer covers dry and the patient comfortably warm. The wet layer of the water pack is made of cotton, linen or other plant cloth (wool and synthetic cloths are not recommended). The dry outer layer of the pack may be of wool or any other absorbent material. When it is applied to the chest, neck or face, a drop or two of pine scent or eau-de-Cologne may be sprinkled upon it to lend it a pleasant odour.

You must never forget the need to consider mind and body as one and to please both whenever treating one or the other. A full pack is worn from neck to knees. A terry-cloth bath-robe soaked and wrung out is my favourite material for the full pack, since it is so easy to done. The small pack is of a size suited to the specific area of distress (leg, arm, hip, etc.). Where the pack is to be worn overnight or for an extended period of time, it should be covered with two layers of dry cloth and tied securely in place, without hindering proper blood circulation.

Clay Packs

The use of earth in the healing of wounds and the reduction of swelling is among the oldest devices of natural healing. All of us, at one time or another has applied earth packs to a swollen area, bee sting, etc. Though our ancestors used clay packs with great success, many today tend to shun such natural treatment out of a fear of “dirtiness”. It is well to remember that man himself, with his slums and tenements, has produced the dirt of the world. Nature has always provided well for her own decay, using it to replenish life.

Those who reject earth on the grounds of dirtiness might as well remove all food from their lives, since food, animal or vegetable is all produced from earth. As for the dirt that man produces, any mechanic will tell you that dry earth is an excellent cleanser of grease and grime.

At present, the finest clay for purposes of natural therapy is obtained from Europe. This is doubtless because the countries of Central Europe have made the most extensive research and practice in drugless healing. I am certain that the increased interest in natural therapy will bring forth vast deposits of similar clays elsewhere. Clay can be obtained at local health food stores and through central distributors. Where you cannot easily purchase clay, ordinary earth may be used so long as it is dark, rich soil that has not been over-cropped.

The clay pack is prepared much as the water pack, though less cloth should be used so as to permit close contact. When clay is to be used for a short period of time and from a reclining position, I have found it advisable to apply indirectly to the affected area without a covering material.


Affusion - Water Jets

Father Kneipp, famed trail- blazer in the field of drugless medicine, was among the first to estimate scientifically the value of affusions and the proper application of these natural healers. Affusion is just a fancy word for describing a jet of water. While many had realized the natural good of bathing beneath swiftly running water. Father Kneipp studied the action of these jets upon the body and came to realize two important factors: affusions stimulate the circulation of blood through the body; through this stimulation, affusions can be directed to a specific area of the body to disperse masses of congestion.

The Kneipp course of affusions calls for proper application of the jets to those areas requiring attention. An area of pain is not necessarily the area of congestion, but may only reflect a condition in another part of the body. For this reason, it is necessary to understand the ailment being treated and the Kneipp therapy advised for that condition. The Affusion, as practiced by natural therapists, is always cold and delivered at the greatest degree of pressure short of causing pain for the patient.

These jet baths require very little equipment. The water tap of any sink is in itself a kind of Affusion apparatus. How many times have you held your head beneath a tap of running water to alleviate the pain of a headache?

This, in its simplest form, was an application of the Kneipp principle of healing. To direct the jet at any area of the body, a piece of rubber tubing capable of being fitted over your bath tap can be used. A good focusing nozzle which will permit you to adjust the spray to a fine, powerful jet is obtainable at any hardware store.


The earliest reference to fasting can be found in the Old Testament. Obviously men have fasted from the beginning of time. In a vast number of illnesses, nature has provided for the fast by simply removing all appetite from the ailing. But fasting cannot be haphazardly applied to all conditions, and even where applied, it must be done with knowledge as well as determination.

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The fast and the eliminatory diet serve similar purposes. Each is constructed to clean out the system and return the body to natural balance. I have never gone in for a fast, except where specifically indicated by the nature of the ailment, always preferring the eliminatory diet. While it is true that the fast will bring about a more rapid cleansing, it is also true that fasting frequently saps the body of energy and must be properly prepared for beforehand.

Even the fast is not a foodless diet. The stomach cries out to be filled and if we do not answer that plea, we shall receive little good from fasting. But the true fast can only contain liquid nourishment. Citrus juices, the juices of stewed fruit (prunes, apricots and figs in particular) and herbal teas (non-caffeine) would be a part of your fast. A good practice is to drink a glassful (8 to 10 ounces) of juice each hour of the day. This will help to ease the hunger pains that accompany fasting and will also stimulate elimination.

A hot brew before bedtime and on rising is advisable in the fast, as well as the eliminatory diet. Hot lemonade (prepared with honey or raw sugar) is a pleasant drink. I myself prefer the broth of celery, onions, carrots and spinach, with a bit of vegetable shortening for additional flavour. And, before we forget, cabbage juice is a good broom for sweeping out your insides when fasting or during the eliminatory diet.

It is important for you to realize that each of the following case histories outlined represents an individual who sought natural therapy as a final measure, after a life of unnatural existence, generally including the unbalanced diet, poisoned air, tobacco and alcohol of so-called modern man. The backwardness of such an existence is obvious. The fact that natural therapy was able to help, in even the smallest measure, such cases of decay and debilitation is a true testimonial to the powers of nature’s agents. The fact remains that much of the misery and discomfort suffered by these people would have been avoided through the simple but paramount process of living in harmony with nature.

In every one of the cases outlined, the first measures taken involved the three basic steps of natural therapy: Cleanse, Repair, Maintain. The specific treatments used to combat such infection were emergency measures and are rarely needed where a rational life has created natural health. It will serve you better to learn the steps to creating and maintaining natural health, than to invest too much time in studying the symptoms and therapy of each case history out of fear that you may one day need to apply them to your own body. Avoid unnatural excesses! Make of yourself a link in nature’s chain and you will never require cures and convalescence.


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