Mind Your Connotations To Live Better

Mind Your Connotations to Live Better

I firmly believe that ‘Life is meant for enjoyment’. But whenever I have stated it to anyone, I have always tried to convey it too that ‘Your connotation to the word Enjoyment must be right.’ Because having the right understanding, having the right connotation is the most important part of it. Only with having right connotation and understanding, you can spend your hard earned money and the money you got in inheritance appropriately. Otherwise you can ruin all that you have and your life too in the name of enjoyment.

Ask yourself a few questions – Can a person suffering from fever or backache or neckache enjoy? Can he/she enjoy? Can a person with any kind of illness enjoy? Can any person enjoy without having good health? I need not answer it, you already knew it – you cannot laugh in pain; you cannot watch a movie while you are sick, you cannot go and enjoy with friends when you are unhealthy, you cannot enjoy food, you simply cannot enjoy at all without having good health. Following these undeniable facts I don’t know how mankind has included the things that are responsible for poor health in the list of celebration, in the list of enjoyment. How? How have we included alcohol, smoking, inactive lifestyle, poor nutrition habits, unsafe and unnatural ways of sex, drugs, and intoxicants in our list of enjoyment? How?

From centuries, our minds have been corrupted. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say we have corrupted mind-discs. But the time you understand the whole thing, you can transform altogether. We, as humans, have to understand it in order to live better. Now is the time, it is getting now or never; because we have brought humanity at the edge of global depression – depression caused by our own wrong ideas – lifestyle diseases, mental diseases (depression) have badly surrounded, captured and trapped us. Today it has become difficult for everyone to keep oneself healthy. Today, no home has left – children are sick, youngsters are unhealthy, elders are getting more prone to chronic diseases. In many cases, lifespan has shortened to 50-55 years. Now, even children are getting chronic diseases.

Is it not alarming yet?

We have to counter that wrong conditioning; we need to get rid of the wrong connotations which have been imbibed into our minds and making us unhealthy.

That is why, in the very beginning it is stated that having the right connotation is the most important part of it.

YES, Life is meant for enjoyment, but the source of enjoyment should bring health!

It is a shameful fact that the two basic pillars of society that come under the category of Service – Education and Medical have become the most successful business models now. It looks very unethical but it is true that our education and medical systems have become successful commercial enterprises.

Unethical but the truth is governments cannot run without the alcohol and cigarette industry (and marketers). That is why governments are indifferent from nation’s health. But we individually need to understand that we have to earn our own fitness.

Also, let me remind you of the fact that fitness cannot be inherited, one has to earn it.

So, improve your connotation and develop better understanding to live better!

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