Meditation And Autosuggestion – An Overview

Meditation And Autosuggestion

If meditation and autosuggestion can both be joined together – if they can be made complementaries, the progress happens in leaps and bounds. The science of meditation and the science of autosuggestion are two sides of one coin. In fact, they are halves of one whole. Bring all opposites together as complementaries. And then you are not moving with only one leg, you are not flying with only one wing. You have both wings, you have both legs, and you have totality. Both are essential for making one total and whole.

Meditation brings us towards subjectivity and autosuggestions move us towards the universe – that is nothing but objectified GOD. Meditation brings peace and autosuggestions bring progress. Meditation makes us calm and autosuggestions make us intensively active. Meditation makes us observers and autosuggestions help us in our multidimensional development and growth.

Why we fail to implement our decisions? Because the decisions remain in the conscious and the action comes from the subconscious – they do not meet. The subconscious never hears anything that the conscious is deciding, and the conscious cannot control the subconscious – the subconscious is so vast. The secret of autosuggestion is that it takes us to the subconscious, and then we can put the seed of anything in the soil of subconscious, and it will grow, blossom.

The blossoming will happen in the conscious, but the roots will remain in the subconscious. It is a very simple method. It only demands a little trust, a little innocence. It can bring miraculous changes in our life. For spiritual as well as material growth, there is nothing more important than the art of autosuggestion. We can use this art to sharpen our consciousness, to increase our intelligence, to change our wrong habits, to make ourselves more integrated, more consolidate, to give ourselves more courage and stamina, to attain new dimensions, new talents, new genius. The art of autosuggestion is a technique for becoming a New Personality.

In autosuggestions, you are projecting things, in meditation you are taking your projections back; it looks the opposite, but the fact is: only the direction is just the opposite but their centre is same. It is a very systematic and step-by-step process; first emptying the glass and then refilling it with what you want. Meditation is de-hypnosis, autosuggestion is hypnosis. Meditation is de-weeding and autosuggestion is cultivation. So, after mediation, repeat the positive suggestions and you will reap the positive outcomes. The positive suggestions set in motion positive forces which bring positive results to pass.

Thoughts are very powerful and can change anybody’s life. One of the greatest discoveries is that we can change our life by changing our thoughts. It is our thoughts that create our world. You create what you think. Learn how to use the power of thoughts to create a particular reality. We can create whatever we desire through hypnosis, the autosuggestions, for the autosuggestions live in our subconscious where they exert their unseen control over our life(ves). Thoughts are controlling our reality. Free the energy of the mind from destructive and negative forms, and place the same energy in a constructive and positive life-affirming frame. Learn to change your thoughts, your lives, through autosuggestions.

Meditate and be colourless. Attain nothingness and emptiness through meditation. It is from this place of colourlessness, this place of nothingness, this place of emptiness that we connect with ALL-THAT-IS. We experience a state of choicelessness and fullness. This is the state of being where we are available to all the infinite possibilities of life, without the limitations of conditioned thoughts. From this state, life can create itself through us. Energy follows thoughts. As a man thinketh so he becometh. Here are some autosuggestions to nourish and transform your everyday self:

correct sign I live in the world but I am not worldly. I am a part of GOD.

correct sign I am joined and connected with Almighty.

correct sign I am eternally calm and intensively active.

correct sign I am the monarch of all I survey.

correct sign I am free from all diseases.

correct sign Physically and mentally I am healthy and strong.

correct sign I am quite young.

correct sign I am full of strength, vigour and energy.

correct sign Like the electricity, I am full of light and quickness.

correct sign I wear the ornaments of wisdom, consciousness, strength etc.

correct sign I am the remover of darkness and spreader of light.

correct sign Through my own example, I spread purity and wisdom of speech, thoughts and action.

correct sign I am free from lust, anger, ego and attachments.

correct sign I enjoy desirelessness. I am free from desire for name and fame.

correct sign I am liberated. I am secure. I am eternal. I am free from worry. I am free from jealousy. I am free from envy. I am free from crimes. I am free from sins. I am freedom itself. I am free from all disturbances.

correct sign I am not a body but a soul. While alive, I am free.

correct sign Truth is my life. I believe in truth.

correct sign Physically and mentally, I am pure. I lead a life of purity.

correct sign I am an awakened one.

correct sign I wish the well-being of all. I work for the well-being of all. I live for the well-being of all.

correct sign I am complete in all respects.

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