Making Food An Art

making food an art

Understanding the Language of Your Body

It is an art to understand the language of your body, of your stomach – to understand what is needed, to give that in an artistic way, in an aesthetic way.

Animals eat, man eats. Then what is the difference? Man makes a great aesthetic experience out of eating. What is the point of having beautiful dining table? What is the point of having candles burning there? What is the point if incense? What is the point of asking friends to come and participate? It is to make it an art, not just stuffing.

But these are outward signs of the art; the inward signs are to understand the language of your body – to listen to it, to be sensitive to its needs. Then you eat – and then the whole day you will not remember food at all. Only when the body is hungry again will the remembrance come. Then it is natural.

OSHO [Excerpted From: The Beloved]

Today the emphasis is on health and wellness. Many of us realize that we are what we eat and are trying to limit our calories or eliminate certain foods that we love – to be in and thin at all costs. As our food intake decreases, our stress increases, preparing the ground for the eating disorders prevalent today. There is another way to do it.

Osho suggests that we simply meditate and relax before taking any food, and then become aware of what our body feels like eating in that moment. In that way we allow the body rather than the mind to choose. If we eat in this way, in a relaxed state instead of quickly wolfing down whatever takes our mind’s fancy, we will feel light and energetic. Then eating is a total experience in itself: we feel our food, taste it, chew it – our whole body enjoys it and says yes! With this fulfilment, we’re just not hungry any longer; there’s no thought of needing anything more, and we’re on to the next step in our day. No need to make this a rule; have a beautiful rich chocolate cake once in a while – but there’s no celebration in eating it all day long and feeling sick. These few tips can increase eating pleasure a hundredfold:

  • Arrange the food on the plate in appetizing way – keep it light as you can always have a second helping.
  • Sit down and relax – connect with your belly.
  • Be with the food and enjoy it totally – no other distractions.
  • Chew your food thoroughly, taste it. The taste buds are not in your stomach.
  • Sometimes eat alone, other times share with friends. Feel what’s right in the moment. Try both and feel the difference.
  • Emotions affect your appetite too – you can even get a stomach-ache if someone at your table is angry. So beware!

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Cream of Carrot Soup

This easy-to-prepare and delicious dish can be a starter for your repertoire of ‘humming food’ recipes.

Recipe for six to eight servings


1-2 tblsp. butter

1 tblsp. curry powder

1 teasp. paprika (or red chilli powder if you like it spicy!)

1 teasp. nutmeg

1 teasp. cinnamon

1 teasp. garlic, crushed

1 small onion finely diced

2-3 large carrots, peeled and finely diced

6 cups water

2 tblsp. lemon juice

2 tblsp. soy sauce

Salt to taste

1 cup sour cream or sour curd

1 cup cream or milk

Fresh green coriander


1.       Melt the butter in a three liter/quart pot and roast the spices on a medium heat for one minute.

2.       Add the onions and sauté for several minutes till translucent.

3.       Add the finely diced carrots and water and simmer until the carrots become very soft.

4.       Allow to cool, then puree in a mixie/blender.

5.       Return to the pot. Adding all the remaining ingredients.

6.       Heat slowly and serve.

Garnish with fresh coriander and a dollop of cream.



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