Live Your Life At The Optimum

live your life at the optimum

There are many easy approaches to transform your daily routines into fun activities that generate more aliveness and well-being.

“You have to look at beauty and enjoy; you have to listen to music and enjoy; you have to touch the rocks and leaves and human beings – the warmth, the texture – and enjoy. Use all your senses, use them at their optimum, then you will really live and your life will be aflame; it will not be dull. It will be aflame with energy and vitality.”– OSHO (Tao: The Pathless Path)

How many times have we been inspired by a character in a book, or a poem, or a film to live a life of passionate intensity? I remember as a youngster reading the famous words of Edna St Vincent Millay for the first time:

My candle burns at both ends;

It will not last the night;

But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends –

It gives a lovely light!

The new world opened up for me: was it really possible to live life so totally that nothing else mattered? Can a single moment of that intensity really be more gratifying than long years of mediocre living?

We do realize that a lukewarm life will never bring joy…and yet, somehow, when it comes to lighting that inner flame, we just don’t make it. All our good intentions fly out the window as the effort of getting up in the morning and facing the routines of the day yet again, seems overwhelming.

I’ve looked at the sort of things we all do everyday: take a shower, eat, go to work, see a friend…and I’ve found many different keys, techniques, tools, awareness exercises that you can incorporate into your daily program that will fill you with a new vitality and an enthusiasm for greeting the day.

Through Balanced Lifestyle Wikipedia you will see that you can have it all. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for a few moments of joy. You can live your life in such a way that if each moment were the only one, it would have been worthwhile.

“Be alive because it is only on the wings of life that you will reach to truth. If you are dull you are lost. And be radiant – because when there is no anxiety for the future and no desire for the future, then the whole energy is available to you. Then you can burn your torch from both ends at once.” – OSHO (The Discipline of Transcendence)

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