Let’s Talk About Sex

let's talk about sex

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One of the most decadent of the pleasures known to mankind is undoubtedly the rip roaring activity called SEX; but before you sink inside your sheets to indulge in some frenzied passion, take some time out to find what exactly is healthy for you. I turn your personal gyno, and breaks the myths associated with sex to endure that you not only get entranced in an out of the world organismic orbit but also practice a safe worry-free sex.

Myth – A creamy white vaginal discharge, with an unpleasant smell is normal in all females.

Fact – While a white translucent odourless type of discharge is perfectly normal, which might increase during ovulation; a creamy thick discharge with strong smell indicates, diseases like thrush, chlamydia, or bacterial vaginosis, so in such a case you need to see a doctor soon.

Myth – Painful intercourse, results only due to insufficient lubrication, and can be corrected by devoting more time to foreplay.

Fact – Insufficient lubrication, is of course one of the possibilities of pain during intercourse, but ti can also be caused if you are using a new brand of pill; another possible cause can be a sexual infection like herpes or warts, if it is a severe pain it can also spell endometriosis.

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Myth – Taking birth control pills are sufficient for a worry free sex.

Fact – While the pill does protect you from unwanted pregnancies, it is not a foolproof answer to a STI, as it does not really protect you from such an infection. Also the pill becomes less effective if you vomit or suffer from diarrhoea, so it is always better to use a condom as well.

Myth – Vaginal itching is primarily caused due to allergic reactions to soaps, powders, and detergent residues on underwear.

Fact – Bubble baths and other such reasons may cause itching of the vagina; but there could be more to that scratching, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis can affect your vulva also other infections like herpes may cause itching during the early stages.

Myth – Inhibitions and a lack of active participation by a woman during sex ensure that a man is free to choose his territory and experience an amazing sex.

Fact – Wake up to 21st century girls; inactivity during sexual romp only suggests a lack of interest and shows how totally out of sync you are with each other bodies. Sex is superb only when both the partners participate equally; passive play won’t take you anywhere.

Myth – Masturbation is something abnormal and if your man indulges in it, it means he is not satisfied with you.

Fact – Quite on the contrary, masturbation is the most common way to satisfy a racing libido. In most relationships it is a healthy practice; it just allows you to know your needs better and in many ways can enhance your sex life.

Myth – If you suffer from a sexually transmitted disease, it essentially indicates you got it from your partner.

Fact – While the most common cause of catching STI is through intercourse, there are certain infections that can develop naturally, on their own, when your vaginal balance is disturbed. The most common among them is being bacterial vaginosis.

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Myth – Oral sex is kinky practice and is not very hygienic to indulge into.

Fact – With such a mindset you will only restrain yourself from a very passionate pleasure. Oral sex is a perfectly natural activity but if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of your guy going down on you, consider indulging in it inside a bath tub for a clean feel; you can also keep your eyes closed during the activity; it usually ease you.

Myth – Having sex, during the days when you are menstruating, is not healthy for the two of you.

Fact – Absolutely not, a woman is perfectly capable of having sex during her periods, however some couples do avoid it but the reasons are strictly based ion cleanliness.

Myth – A larger number of men suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, suggests that men are more prone to contract STI.

Fact – No, because of the anatomy (female urethra is shorter than that of a male) females are more likely to catch a sexual infection. Also their reproductive tract is moist and thus serves as an ideal spot for infections to grow.

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