Let’s Talk About Happiness!

Let’s Talk About Happiness

Can I ask you a question?

Are you happy?

That is actually a question one must ask himself often, just to be aware if he is following the right track while exploring the mysterious gift what we call – Life.

Happiness is an attitude, an approach to look at. If your approach to look at the things is bright, happiness is the by-product. It is bound to happen. On the contrary, I promise there exists nothing in the whole universe that can make you happy if you bound yourself to look upon the dark side. Yeah, you can deceive yourself for some time with any new sensation but when the excitement is gone you will again lose the charm. And that is what I meant by deceiving yourself.

You need to look at the funny aspect. Yes, there is always.

If there is horseshit; horse is bound to be there.

You can always find beautiful flowers in the mud, if not flowers definitely a land worth cultivation.

“A tragedy is a comedy misunderstood.”- Shakespeare

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up but a comedy in long-shot.”- Charlie Chaplin

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Let’s dive into a short story you might have heard before. Once there was a great king who wanted to rule over the world. His Guru, the Master asked him what you will do after you conquer the kingdom you wanted to. King replied I will conquer the next one. The Master asked him again then what. King continued that he will conquer the next. The Master asked again what the next is. King replied I will not stop till I won the whole world. The Master asked him again – what is after you conquer all the kingdoms. King paused for a moment and then replied vigorously – then, and then I will rest. The Master smiled and asked him politely, who is stopping you from resting right now. So much blood so many massacres only for rest. Is not this insane?

Isn’t it the story with everyone?

Seeking for happiness outside when it is inside you. Searching for happiness in wealth, in power, in commodities, while it is within you.

You cannot find happiness. But you just can be.

You live it and you find it. And if you gonna find it you will miss it.

This is the irony about all the sweet and simple things which – when you try your hardest to understand the Simple you will miss it. And when you just live it, you will understand it all.

Don’t find the meaning of life – just live it. It is meant to be lived. Just live and you will find it… it is that simple.

Why so serious?

Who is stopping you from being happy right now? Is it not your own barriers?

Perhaps that is the reason why I like and love the following quote:

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of every kind.” – Environmental Scientist David Orr [Excerpted from: Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World]

Something went wrong.

What is it?

Perhaps, our connotations for success and for happiness are crossing each other but they should not… They must complement each other.

Remind yourself…

Your happiness belongs to you. Only you can make yourself happy. Be simple and enjoy your life!

Happiness – It is right there in front of you, you just need to be happy.

It’s all yours!

Have fun!


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