Know Your Vitamins

Know Your Vitamins

Stop taking that innocent looking vitamin pill until you read this report!

If you think the vitamins you are now taking are doing you any good, wait until you hear the latest news on why they may not.

This may come as a shock. But according to the latest research, those vitamins that you take every day may be doing you absolutely no good. For example.

FACT: Vitamins should be taken after a meal – never before. The body must first have protein, fats, or carbohydrates in the digestive tract to properly break down the vitamins for proper absorption.

FACT: Your body has a need for a natural vitamin balance. Too much of one vitamin may cause another vitamin to be less effective. For example, vitamin A should be taken with vitamin E but excessive iron should not.

FACT: If you take too much calcium, you may deplete the magnesium in your system. And you need magnesium to convert food into energy.

FACT: Some vitamins are best taken in the morning and others at night. For example, the trace element chromium helps break down the sugar in your food which in turn creates energy – perfect to start the day. But at night you should take Calcium which has a relaxing effect – perfect for the evening.

FACT: Athlete or people who exercise a great deal need vitamins more than people who don’t exercise. Vitamins are depleted at a much faster rate during exercise than during any other period of time.

But there was a series of other facts that surprised me too. For example, despite everything I’ve mentioned on the care in taking vitamins, there are those people who need vitamins because of mental or physical activity that they undergo. People on a diet, under stress, those who smoke, women who take contraceptives and even those who take medication – all rob their bodies of some of the essential vitamins and minerals that they need to help combat the various habits or conditions they are under.

And with vitamins in the proper balance and at the proper times, you may have more energy and vitality. Little changes may take place. Your nails may become stronger, your hair may become lustrous and your skin may remain more elastic which will keep you younger-looking longer.

About a few years ago a group of doctors had an idea. They realized that many people were taking vitamins and not really noticing any difference in their health. They also realized, based on the latest nutritional findings, the vitamins people were taking may not have been doing them any good.

So they formed a group of advisors consisting of nutritionists, dieticians, dermatologists, biochemists and physicians, and developed one of the most effective combinations of vitamins and minerals, formulated four tablets – one for the morning and one for the evening – one for men and one for women and then started a test program that lasted over two years. The results speak for themselves.

It was ideal for weight loss programs and it was ideal for people under stress. It helped many increase their energy levels. Smokers benefited. Some under medication benefited.

With a fresh vitamin and mineral balance, taken in the right quantity in the right combination and at the right time, several obvious benefits occur. First, you may develop a better mental outlook because you’ve got the energy and the zest to accomplish more. As a result of the trace elements copper, zinc and manganese, your body is helped to make its natural anti-aging enzymes that keep you fit. Improvements in your vitality translate into everything from better job performance to a greater sense of well-being.

Vitamins indeed are important. And with today’s research and new nutrition technology, you have a greater chance to achieve the fitness and health levels that may have eluded you with the typical store vitamins or the poor advice we may get in health food stores or from friends.

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