Is It Worth Taking Responsibility For Your Health?

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Health is not merely ability to stay out of a sick-bed. Health means the harmonious functioning of all the parts forming the whole of the body. Where there is harmonious action, no organ will be working less than normal and thus throwing extra work upon some other organ or organs. With health there is ability to do, within reason, whatever one desires to do physically or mentally, without undue fatigue or untoward effect. In health one has immunity to disease. One in normal health who lives in such a way as to maintain that health has excellent prospects of living out his or her allotted span of life. When there is abundant health there are endurance, energy and the enviable characteristics known as vivacity.

In United States alone there are according to reliable statistics, 225,000,000 days lost every year through sickness. Much of this sickness occurs in the cases of persons who consider themselves for the most part in normal health. Much of it is in the form of colds, minor aches, pains and fevers, which, while not serious in them, temporarily prevent one from earning his customary wage for one day or for several days.

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Thus are 225,000,000 days a year lost – and lost needlessly! This great loss is equivalent to a city of approximately 500,000 people being idle through illness throughout more than an entire year. Most of these people who lose this time could be thoroughly alive, could enjoy perfect health.  It is all in knowing how and in following out what one knows.

A person below normal in health cannot feel thoroughly alive; he cannot be enthusiastic; he cannot be actively ambitious. His ambitions must necessarily be in the form of hopes and wishes, without sufficient energy to make their realization possible. Or if success comes it may be lost through inability to carry, or there may be further exhaustion of one’s energy so that the products of the success or the success itself cannot be appreciated.

Unless there is normal health the instincts are deficient and the emotions are unbalanced. One is unable to meet life as it is found and to adapt himself to it, or to modify environment to suit his needs. A great many people have grown to adult years who physically, mentally and emotionally are immature’ their personalities have not been completely developed; their reasoning and judgement and their outlook upon life are necessarily dwarfed, biased.

Many thousands of people go through life or a large part of life only half alive. They have never been fully aroused, largely because of physical handicaps. Not handicaps handed down to them or handicaps of accident but the handicap resulting from their own wrong methods of living – and of thinking. Their imagination, courage and capacity are half or less than half what they should be. Those who have vivid imagination and normal courage have bodies pulsating with energy, their ambitions are high, and their capacities are equal to their ambitions. Inactivity becomes impossible to one enjoying pulsating health. He is ever reaching out for new things to learn, new things to do, new worlds to conquer. His day is active, his duties interesting and his progress inevitable. He grows; he improves; he ascends.

Is it possible for one whose health, energy, enthusiasm and imagination are below their highest degree to develop them to their maximum? Can the man or woman half alive become strong and healthy and capable of developing a place for him/her in the scheme of things? Without a doubt a complete revolution can be wrought in the physical and mental powers of practically everyone.

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It is necessary that one understand the requirements and that one go about intelligently to carry out the requirements until the desired results are realized. It is necessary to develop physical and especially, organic strength. It is not required that one develops the muscular physique of a Hercules, or the perfected outlines of an Apollo, nor for a woman to challenge comparison with Venus de Milo.

But it is required that pure, abundant blood, carrying all of the necessary food elements, should be naturally flowing through every portion of the body. It is necessary that the muscular system be exercised sufficiently to utilize most of the food consumed, to burn up wastes or unneeded elements, to develop normal response and tone of the muscular fibers themselves, to generate enough lactic acid to feed and stimulate brain activity, and to directly develop the brain and the nervous system through this activity. It is necessary that all the natural factors of life and health – sunshine, fresh air, water, vital foods, sleep and relaxation – be provided in abundance.

Unless there is some inherent inherited or congenital germ-plasm or developmental handicap, physical and mental energy will be developed by such a mode of living. The vitality and nerve-force constantly generated and at command will be bound to express themselves in a body more alive, alert and responsive, and in achievements worthwhile. Success is due to the dynamic quality of energy, plus aptitude for one’s chosen work. While it is possible for a square peg in a round hole to gradually make him and the job appear mutually suited and that some degree of success may thus be developed, it is necessary for highest success that one directs his energy in the proper channels. It is even true that one who enjoys surging energy may attain a far greater success in work to which he is not primarily adapted, than the one half alive can secure from work to which he is best adapted.

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Knowing that it is possible to become wholly alive, keenly alert, energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious, why not become the possessor of these inspiring and empowering forces, and obtain the most that life has to give? The reason in most cases for failure to be so is an unawakened or an insufficiently aroused ambition, due to living habits which poison the blood-stream and thus suppress the normal mental processes.

Health – abundant vigorous vital health – is no respecter of class, social standing or power. It is as possible for those of the lowest strata of social life as for the intelligentsia, the princes of power and the social dowagers. Often it is possible of attainment to a higher degree in the lower strata than in the upper strata of society, because enervating social duties in the upper classes may undermine health resistance and so serve as definite hindrances. So long as there is life, in most cases it is possible for one to attain a normal degree of health. More power is required to run a machine with friction than for one in which all parts work harmoniously – and this is as true with the body. If there is enough vitality to go through life with the handicap of disease there is enough to enable one to develop normal health – except, of course, in occasional instances.

Balanced Lifestyle Wikipedia is presented to help the reader to free the physical organism from hindrances that handicap it, to reenergize the body and to develop the highest degree of health. By following the suggestions given in this website the reader should be able to develop a higher degree of health than he or she has ever enjoyed. After developing this degree of health, or if the reader has the good fortune already to possess such good health, the suggestions given in this website are sufficient to enable one to retain that health – to keep fit in every sense of the word.

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