Improve Posture, Stay Fit & Grow Taller Naturally! – How It Works Even After Puberty?

correct posture to grow taller


Correct posture has been terribly misconstrued, misinterpreted. Today in this article we will learn the correct postures of the body because an intensively active cum peaceful mind can exists only in graceful body. Let us imagine our body as a musical instrument. A musical instrument has to be rightly tuned to get the higher music out of it. In case the instrument is not in correct shape and order, there is no hope for any great harmony to arise out of it. Instead of accordance, discordance will arise from such an instrument.

A posture should be like that you feel so much comfort that you can forget your body. If the body is not comfortable you can’t extend for the blessing that belong to deeper layers: You missed the first layer and all other layers get closed. To be happy, blissful and to reach inner ecstasies, comfort that is correct posture of the body is a door key.

If anyone is serious about his/her growth or getting taller, he/she must be thinking of certain nutrition and exercises to achieve the desired result. That is great and surely all that will help you to get taller, but at the same time we need to understand that correcting your posture is the basic and first to do task to get those inches.

Perhaps you may not be aware of the fact that our spine is accountable for about 80% of our overall height, clearly indicating that if our posture is incorrect and ‘slouch’, we are actually destroying our potential for the appropriate growth. Now, the good news is we can easily correct our posture and when we do it; we will straighten out our spine and can add a few more inches to our appearance.

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does sleeping help you grow


How It Works Even after Puberty?

The only reason is we are not reopening our fused growth plates or anything like that. It can surely work even after puberty because most of us have kept themselves 2-3 inches shorter because of the compressed spine due to incorrect posture. Thus, when we will correct our posture and straighten out our spine, it will apparently add those compressed inches to our height.

Let’s talk about some Don’ts: Immediately after you read this and throughout the upcoming life, be sure to avoid what is not good for the spine such as, ‘Slouching whether you are sitting or standing’; ‘Curling up in the fatal position while going to bed’; ‘Carrying all the heavy bags or backpacks at once’. All these compress the spine and hammer our growth. Just by avoiding the aforesaid we will naturally improve our posture.


First, we need to understand the structure of spine and how it works. Spine is mainly responsible for our posture. Human Spine is made up of 33 individual bones called Vertebrae. These 33 individual bones interlock each other to form the spinal column. The spinal column provides the main support for our body, enabling us to stand upright, bend, and twist. A natural and healthy spine has S-shaped curve. The curves work just like a coiled spring and act as a shock absorber, sustain balance, and enable range of motion throughout the spinal column.

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Improving the Standing, Sitting and Sleeping Postures:

To have a correct posture we need to train our body to stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions where the minimal strain is placed on spine during motion and weight-lifting activities.

The Correct Standing Posture:

correct standing posture

  1. Without tilting the head forward, backward or sideways, just holding up your head straight with your chin in;
  2. Your earlobes should be in line with the middle of shoulders;
  3. Your shoulder blades should be back;
  4. Your knees should be straight;
  5. You should have stretched your head toward the sky.
  6. Tuck your stomach in without tilting your pelvis forward or backward;
  7. The arches in your feet must be supported.

The Correct Sitting Posture:

correct sitting posture

  1. Sitting with your back straight and keep your shoulders back;
  2. Your buttocks should be touching the back of the chair;
  3. The curves of the spine should be present while sitting;
  4. The body weight should be divided evenly on both hips;
  5. Your knees should bend at 90 degree angle. Use a foot rest or stool to keep your knees either even or slightly higher than the hips;
  6. Don’t sit crossed legs;
  7. Your feet should be flat on the foot rest or stool or floor;
  8. Don’t sit more than 30 minutes in the same position;
  9. The chair that rolls and pivot, avoid twisting at the waist while you sit. Turning your whole body is authentic to look back.
  10. While standing up, move to the front of the seat, straightening your legs, and not bending forward at your waist.
  11. Stretch your back with some exercise like standing backbends immediately after you stand up. Follow the sitting regimen as described above to ensure least stress on the spine.

The Correct Sleeping and lying down Posture:

correct sleeping posture

The best posture to lie down or sleep is to lying straight on your back. Try to maintain the curves in the spine with the support of pillows or cushions under your head, lower back, and your knees. Most importantly avoid sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your sides is acceptable but not for longer hours. While getting up, turn on your side, draw up your knees and swing legs on the side of the bed. Push yourself up with hands to sit. Remember not to bend forward at your waist.

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Keeping correct postures and maintaining your spine in alignment are not only important for your growth but also prevents you from backache and other spine disorders. Watchfully stand, sit and sleep and add up good postures to your habits. Learn and follow proper ways to lift and bend to ensure minimal stress to the back.

Correct Posture Is The Key To Unleash Your Compressed Height!!!

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