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How Body Massage Can Help You Grow Taller Naturally?

Massage can get your bones stronger but CANNOT increase the bone length. But it is also true that there are certain direct and indirect factors that are responsible for better growth of the body and massage boost those factors incredibly such as:

Reduces Muscle Stiffness… Improves Posture… Improves Flexibility… Improves Circulation… Boost Metabolism… Better Absorption of Nutrients… Improves Immune System Function… Relieves Stress… Promotes Better Sleep…

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Understand the Bridge Between NUTRITION — EXERCISE — DEEP SLEEP!!!

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery can be best understood only by the marriage of its physical, mental, and emotional factors. Physical aspect will teach us the importance of Nutrition and Exercise and in the same breath mental and emotional aspect will enlighten us about the Relaxation, Stress-free Lifestyle, and Sound Sleep. This is the time to learn how sound sleep, relaxation, improved metabolism, improved circulation of blood, improved posture can lead the body to achieve its maximum potential growth.

As far as height is concerned, we have heard people talking that it is inherited. We have also studied the importance of Nutrition and Exercise. Recently we have also come to know about the impact of Sound Sleep and Correct Posture. Adding to all the above important facts, today in this post I am going to discuss how Massage can help us effectively in achieving a good Height by improving circulation of blood and better absorption of nutrients and at the same time removing toxins of the body’s internal tissues.

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How Can Massage Influence Height?

Earlier massage was purely supposed to be a relaxation therapy. But in the recent times, studies and research reports have also framed various physical and mental benefits of massage such as extended alertness and awareness, reduced stress levels, relaxation and strengthening of muscles. The newest research on the topic communicates that massage can help us grow taller. As a superb way of relaxation, massage soothes our mind, tones up our body, and nurtures not just our height but also has a great impact on the overall growth of our body.

Massage has emerged as an effective way to get you taller. A superior state of mind and toned body that can be easily earned by following a regular massage schedule can definitely contribute towards our efforts of getting taller. Massage may not have a direct connection to bones and spine but certainly helps galvanize the glands of our body. These body glands then discharge the hormones which are critical for the growth of our body such as HGH (Human Growth Hormones) crucially responsible for increasing height.

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There are some points in our body to be called reflex points, if massaged in the way they should be; the glands of our body stimulate the growth hormones. That is why the whole human neuron system is linked to the pituitary gland. When the growth specific reflex points in our body got massaged in the correct manner, the pituitary gland sends signal to the thyroid which is in control for discharging the growth hormones. Despite the fact that there are a number of such reflex points, there are 2 prominent points that straightway contribute towards height gain. One of these points is sited on the pad of thumb, and another one is in the neck region. A professional masseur is needed to locate and stimulate these reflex points.

Undoubtedly, good health is required for the growth of our body to its full extent. There is a famous Greek quotation, “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body”. The said quotation considerably indicates the close relationship between mental equilibrium and physical workout exploring life to its fullest. Not a question, sound sleep, relaxations and proper rest rejuvenates the mind. Don’t forget that our body will function properly only if our mind functions properly too. Since massage soothes our mind and tones up our body by improving circulation of blood and nutrients and thus, naturally enables our body to grow to its 100% potential.

Which are the other benefits related to overall growths of the body?

During a massage stretching of the tissues enables muscles fibers liberate tension and pressure build up. Massage allows stretch muscles lengthwise and sideways boosting the flow of circulation, repairing the muscle tissues, and also promotes the growth of new tissues. Following are the acclaimed benefits of massage related to the balanced growth of the body:

#1 Flexibility

Massage greatly improves flexibility. To achieve optimal level of growth, our body must demonstrate a high degree of flexibility. Since massage stretches the muscle fibers, flexibility is developed and retained. Almost everybody can take reward from stretching the soft tissues and the muscles, tendons and ligaments – in the back, legs, and around the spinal cord.

The human spine consists of 33 individual bones called vertebrae. These 24 articulating vertebrae, and 9 fused vertebrae are interlocked by inter vertebral fiber cartilage also called inter vertebral discs to form the spinal column. These cartilages combine to form cartilaginous joint enabling slight movement of the vertebrae. The spinal column furnishes the main support for our body and enables us to stand upright, bend, and twist. A healthy spine has S-shaped curve and works like a coiled spring and acts as a shock absorber.

Due to the cartilaginous nature of the spine, lengthening of inter vertebral and increasing height in the torso or the upper body becomes possible with stretching tissues and the muscles. Thus it is possible for almost everyone to grow taller at any age.

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#2 Circulation

Unquestionably, massage notably improves circulation of blood. Blood circulation is an essential part of our body’s overall health. An increased blood circulation benefits not only the heart but also the body’s muscles throughout the body. An increased blood flow promotes cell growth by proper supply of food and oxygen to the organs. Nutrients acquired through balanced nutrition are absorbed in the blood to build-up the new tissues and rebuild the broken ones and make them stronger.

A healthy circulation helps with just about everything: providing nutrients and taking away excess, leading cells to the point of growth, and of course continuously supplying oxygen to all body parts. A healthy blood circulation also leads the bone red marrow to stimulate a higher degree of red blood cells to carry oxygen. All this consequence in bone stimulation, and remember bones not only grow laterally, but also vertically. This is how adequate blood circulation can help promote the height.

#3 Sleep Improvements

Massage notably promotes better sleep patterns. It can actually perk up the quantity and quality of sleep. Massage induces sound sleep which is vital factor for HGH production levels. Already revealed in our article ‘The Science of Sleeping’ that deep sleep allows the growth hormones to secrete at its fullest. Although nutrition and exercise play a role in the production of growth hormones, Slow Wave Sleep, i.e., Deep Sleep is the most prominent factor to achieve the highest productions levels of HGH.

Having a massage session at least once a week can keep our muscles healthy, maintain a state of relaxation, improve the flexibility and blood circulation, and have a better sleep cycle and thus can achieve the 100% growth potential of the body. A skilled touch of massage is worth considering if you wish to live a life to its fullest.

It should also be noted that growth hormones are fairly active during childhood, so massaging in those early years is definitely beneficial.

Treat Yourself To A Massage And Your Body Will Thank You For It!

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