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The sky beyond the distant mountains takes an orange hue. Early risers come out of their houses, long baskets hung over their backs. Some of the younger ones, dragging their feet behind their elders, are still struggling with the effort of waking up so early. They set out for the fields that await them with a promise of fragrant offerings.

For experience and observation these people know their work requires perfect timing. Nature’s pharmacy of fragrances has precise and limited visiting hours; latecomers will find it empty on arrival.

The fragrance gatherers quicken their pace and arrive at the fields of lavendula officinalis – popularly known as lavender – their nostrils welcoming the assault of the scent molecules. Their spirits soar with the magic of its uplifting aroma, and wide-awake they start picking the buds that contain the essential oil.

Different scents have different effects on our psyche and health: this is a proven fact. Passing by a garbage dump or strolling through a rose garden has diametrically opposite effects on our moods and feelings. The aroma rising from our favourite food is as important as its taste. The fragrance of a rose is as important as its visual beauty in making it a lovers’ flower.

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The science of aromatherapy is based on using natural fragrances extracted from the stems, flowers, bark, roots and seeds of hundreds of plants for the well-being of our health, feelings and beauty.

Facial steaming with essential oils hydrates and stimulates the skin, and cleanses the dirt and pollutants from the pores. It is very important to use a toner after you steam your face. A facial toner prepared with essential oils balances and stimulates the skin. You can try these recipes at home, choosing the right one for your skin type.

Essential Oils for Facial Steaming and Toning


Take a bowl full of steaming water, mix the essential oils in it as prescribed here, and steam on your face for ten to fifteen minutes.

  • For normal skin, mix six drops of lavender and six drops geranium.
  • For oily skin, mix six drops of juniper and four drops of lemon.


The essential oils prescribed below for different skin types can be mixed in 100 ml rose water or spring water and applied on the face with a pad of cotton.

  • For dry or normal skin, mix four drops of lavender and two drops of geranium.
  • For oily skin, mix two drops of lavender and four drops of bergamot.
  • For all skin types, mix two drops of geranium, two drops of rose and two drops of lavender.

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