Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom


I am particularly happy to present this post on Body-Wisdom, a subject dear to my heart. Since I started meditating with totality a strange phenomenon occurred: the connection between my mind and body was severed. The more I was disidentified with my body, the more I started knowing, caring for and respecting it. A kind of gratitude arose in my heart and I felt I could never thank the body enough for keeping pace with the transformative process meditation brought about.

Of course, I had to go a long way to eradicate the deep-rooted social and religious conditioning of despising the physical. But with the cathartic active meditations and the cleansing meditative therapies, they dropped like dead leaves falling from a tree. A friendliness was born in the heart and suddenly I was at home with the body. I found a true friend in it.

One wonders why has man repressed and condemned an innocent and wise friend like his own body? I think it might be a conspiracy of religions. If man starts honouring the ancient, playful, and profound wisdom of the body he will stop respecting the priests. The saviors and messiahs will become redundant if consciousness blossoms in the body, and the material rejoices in its Buddha nature.

Now that physicians and scientists have recognized the holistic link between mind, body and spirit, they are exploring the healing potential of the body through touch, conscious breath and meditations. If man does not interfere with the working of the body it can heal itself miraculously. Realizing this potential of the body, Yoga has suddenly become the hip subject for millions of Americans including supermodel Christy Turlington. They are discovering this ancient exercise and hoping to tap into its presumed benefits.

Have you ever thought in the way that – Your Body Is Doing Miracles Every Moment! Even your great 21st century’s scientists cannot change bread into blood; and your body is changing the food into blood, flesh, bones, and thousands of things. A Great Miracle, is not it?

The amazing organism comprising five elements called the body continues to surprise researchers, in whichever form it is. We hit on an incredible story of honeybees producing an extraordinary nutritious elixir through the pharyngeal glands of their tiny bodies. As this substance is fed to the queen bee the scientists call it “Royal Jelly.” Royal jelly is an extremely rejuvenating, health giving food for all bodies. You can google ‘Bee Wisdom: The Miracle of Royal Jelly’ and read the fascinating account of this phenomenon. Let us learn from the wisdom of the bees.

A totally new kind of education is needed where you can really know yourself – your body, your mind, your spirit; the education that can bring a sense of gratitude in you towards your own body, a mechanism which is so obedient and so wise. Your body is constantly in your service since you were born and will be till your death. You will be surprised if you know what your body has been doing. It functions so miraculously, so mysteriously; but you have never looked, never acquainted and never loved your own body. A sense of gratitude towards your body, towards other bodies, towards what you do, towards what you drink, towards what you eat, is needed to create more beauty in the world, to create more comfort in the world.



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