Are You Laughing Enough?

Are You Laughing Enough?

A Chuckle A Day, More Than An Apple, Keeps The Doctor Away…

When did you last have a really good laugh? How many times a day do you smile? How much fun do you get out of life?

It isn’t much of an exaggeration to say that ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

Laughter can help keep you healthy. And when you’re ill, laughter can make you well again.

Take the case of Norman Cousins, for example.

He had been assured by his doctors that there was no cure for the inflammatory disease that was crippling him.

The doctors told him that they could do little to help him.

But Norman, an American magazine editor, wasn’t prepared to give up.

He took himself out of hospital and moved into a hotel room. There he spent his days watching his favourite comedy films and reading books by his favourite funny writers.

Not only did Norman feel better. The doctors looking after him found scientific evidence to prove that laughter had helped to cue him!

Doctors still don’t know how laughter can help to cure the human body.

We do know that it improves breathing, lower blood pressure and releases special healing hormones.

Even smiling can help.

There is evidence that when you smile, your whole body becomes calmer. Try it: next time you’re feeling miserable, try putting a really cheerful smile on your face. You’ll find it difficult to stay sad.

Try making your eyes sparkle with laughter and you’ll feel jollier than ever!

To find out if you’re getting enough laughs, answer the following ten questions:

1. How often do you have a really good laugh?

a) At least once most days

b) At least once a week

c) At least once a month

d) Not very often

2. If some one plays a (harmless) practical joke on you, do you:

a) See the funny side straight away

b) Usually see the funny side eventually

c) Usually fail to see the funny side.

3. When something amuses you, do you:

a) Smile inside

b) Laugh out loud but try to restrain yourself

c) Laugh out loud and let yourself go

d) Smile and chuckle quietly

4. You’re making love. Your partner suddenly starts to giggle. Would you:

a) Be surprised, offended and hurt

b) Want to know what was so funny and then probably start laughing

c) Start laughing straight away – even if you didn’t know why

5. How many books can you name that have made you laugh out loud?

a) None

b) 1 or 2

c) 3 or more

6. How many films can you name that have made you laugh out loud?

a) None

b) 1 or 2

c) 3 or more

7. How many comedians can you name who make you laugh?

a) None

b) 1 or 2

c) 3 or more

8. How many TV programmes can you name that have made you laugh out loud?

a) None

b) 1 or 2

c) 3 or more

9. You’re at a party and a group of friends start to behave in a silly way. Would you:

a) Join in straight away

b) Maybe join in

c) Watch

d) Keep out of the way and leave as soon as possible

e) You don’t have any friends who would behave like that

10. A street entertainer has gathered a huge crowd – most of the people are laughing. You’re not in any hurry. Would you:

a) Stop and enjoy the show

b) Sneak a quick look but then carry on

c) Hurry by without looking

d) Hurry on and look for a policeman so that you can make a complaint about the noise

Now check your score!

1. a) 4; b) 3; c) 2; d) 1

2. a)3; b) 2; c) 1

3. a) 1; b) 3; c) 4; d) 2

4. a) 1; b) 2; c) 3

5. a) 1; b) 2; c) 3

6. a) 1; b) 2; c) 3

7. a) 2; b) 2; c) 3

8. a) 1; b) 2; c) 3

9. a) 5; b) 4; c) 3; d) 2; e) 1

10. a) 4; b) 3; c) 2; d) 1

If you scored 25-35

You laugh a lot. You’re undoubtedly fun to be with. You’re a great tonic to friends – and strangers. And you’re doing your health a lot of good!

If you scored 17-24

You have a fairly healthy attitude but you tend to hold back sometimes. Maybe you feel guilty about being seen to have a good time. Maybe you feel embarrassed if you are seen laughing. Maybe you feel that you’re too old, or too important to be seen laughing. Stop worrying! Let your hair down, follow your natural instincts and don’t let your fears about what other people will think interfere with your desire and ability to enjoy yourself.

If you scored 16 or less

You really do need to loosen up and take yourself less seriously. Are you, perhaps, a little pompous? Do you maybe take yourself too seriously? Let more laughter and fun into your life and loosen up a little and you’ll probably enjoy life more, make more friends and be much healthier.

Quick ways to put more laughter into your life

try to spend as much time as possible with cheerful people. If you spend all your time with people who have long faces and always look on the black side then you’ll acquire a long face and gloomy outlook yourself. Depression is contagious. Bright and cheerful friends will help make you bright and cheerful.

Try not to take yourself too seriously. You don’t have to be pompous to get the respect of other people.

Make a list now of your favourite funny films and books. Keep a library of your favourite funny videos and books. One businessman I know reads comics on the train – hidden inside his daily paper. He says they make him laugh and help him to relax.


Not all types of humour will improve your health!

A professor of psychology at Central Michigan University in America claims that the type of humour you listen to determines how healthy you’ll be.

James Carroll, says that:

Cynical comedy increases your chances of falling ill.

Humour that puts down authority figures can make men ill.

Self-deprecating jokes make women ill.

As a general rule, clown comics are good for you. Satirists are bad for you!

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