A Fresh Beginning To Life

a fresh beginning to life

Give It a Shot

Who doesn’t like to wear fresh new clothes for an evening party? Who doesn’t want to sport the trendiest shoes displayed in the shop window? We want new cars, freshly picked flowers, a refreshing holiday: the list is endless.

But when it comes to taking a fresh look at our established relationships and habitual behaviour – seeing our lifestyle with brand new eyes – our enthusiasm evaporates. That involves a change in our mindset – our love for freshness seems to be confined to things and not include living people! We prefer a comfortable, known lifestyle to an unknown adventure, and that’s why boredom and a certain staleness settles into our lives.

The whole of existence – except for humans – is continually renewing itself. Can you think of stale stars, old sunlight, mechanically flowing rivers, monotonous birdsong? No, nature is constantly born anew. What is its secret? Why not man too?

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Small children share with nature the wisdom of how to stay continuously fresh. In this there is no difference between flowers which have just blossomed and newborn babes. They are always sparkling new, like a dewdrop on a lotus leaf, because there is no accumulation of the past in the form of memories.

All of us were infants once, and each moment was a delightful discovery. Our whole being was one and all creation; life and love were synonymous. Is it possible for us as adults to recover this innate joy?

It sure is. And it’s fun too. Discovering a new you on the inside can be even more exciting than buying yourself a whole new wardrobe on the outside!

In Balanced Lifestyle Wikipedia there are insights which can help you to allow the alive, inquisitive child hidden within to come out into the open and reinvigorate your life. You can see how to put the mind aside and become curious and adventurous again. You can discover how to make your life more authentic, to drop your dead habits and become whole in body, mind and soul and to remain forever young inside. A new woman, anew man can start to emerge.

Are you game? Beginning afresh in your life is easier than you think. Just whet your appetite by reading these commentaries, and then be courageous enough to actually try out the meditations and tips. Keep on going, and you will slowly begin to notice a change in the way you feel and how you relate with people – and others will notice it too.

So give it a shot: let go of the baggage of the old mind, jump aboard this fresh, state-of-the-art rocket ship of the spirit – and zoom into the sky of the new and unknown.

The drama of life also requires an interval, so come and really refresh yourself – from top to bottom, inside and out at Balanced Lifestyle Wikipedia!

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