A Double-Fronted Approach To Wellness

A Double-Fronted Approach to Wellness


The body and the mind are not two things. The mind is the inner part of the body, and the body is the outer part of the mind – anything can start in the body and can enter into the mind or vice versa. There is no division; there is no watertight compartment.

A fifty percent limit

All problems have two edges to them: they can be tackled through the mind and through the body. A few people believe that all problems are of the body – the physiologists, the Pavlovians, the behaviourists. They treat the body, and of course in fifty percent of the cases they succeed. And they hope that as science grows they will be succeeding more. But they will never succeed more than fifty percent; it has nothing to do with the growth of science.

Then the other party is there which thinks that all problems are of the mind – which is as wrong as the first. Christian Science people and hypnotists and mesmerists all think problems are of the mind. – psychotherapists, too. They also succeed in fifty percent of cases; they also think that sooner or later they will succeed more and more. That is nonsense. They cannot succeed more than fifty percent; that is the limit.

A hundred percent cure

My own understanding is that each problem has to be tackled from both sides together, simultaneously; it has to be attacked from both the doors, a double-fronted attack. Then man can be cured one hundred percent. Whenever science becomes perfect it will work both ways.

The first is the body, because the body is the portal to the mind – the porch. And because the body is gross, it is easily manipulatable. First the body has to be freed of all its accumulated structures and simultaneously your mind has to be inspired so that it can start moving upwards and can start dropping all the loads that keep it down.

[Excerpted From: God’s Got a Thing About You]

Let Healing Happen

So many times in our lives, our body has demonstrated its ability to heal: colds and fevers, cuts and wounds, injuries and illness. It is the wisdom and the capacity of the body to heal itself. How are you stopping your own natural healing process from happening?

All the great physicians of the world know their medicine is not capable of brining health to you. The power of healing is within you. All that they can do is to remove the hindrances so the power of healing starts flowing. You cannot force that healing power to flow, but you can certainly do something to make the way, to clean the path, to remove the rocks. And then wait, and wait with trust, because it would have happened even without you doing anything.

If you look, you will laugh

The only thing that hinders it is a preoccupied mind. If you are too much preoccupied with something – it does not matter what it is – then you cannot be open. If you are not preoccupied, then there is nothing to prevent the opening. But almost everybody is preoccupied, although the objects of preoccupation are trivia. If you look at them attentively, you will have a good laugh at yourself, at what kind of nonsense goes on within you and creates a tremendous barrier. So just watch what your preoccupations are and drop them.

Don’t go directly to make some positive efforts, because that is not the way great things come to you. They always come when your doer is absent, and the preoccupied mind is also your doer. Emptying the mind is possible. It is your doing; you can undo it. One thing you can certainly do: you can undo the preoccupation.

What are our preoccupations? What do we go on thinking, and why do we go on giving so much nourishment to thinking? What has it produced in the long life you have lived up to now? Is it not a sheer wastage of time? And it is standing there almost like a China wall.

Thinking about sex, talking about sex

All the religions, all the philosophies, all the cultures, all the civilizations have helped you to remain preoccupied. They don’t want you to be people of understanding. They are afraid of your understanding, because in the light of your understanding all their fictions will disappear and they are living like parasites on those fictions. They want those fictions to remain in your mind as a reality.

For example, all religions have insisted on repressing sex. The moment you repress any natural instinct, it becomes your preoccupation. The repressed energy goes around your mind. Sex becomes cerebral; you think about it.

An old man had gone to the doctor. He was feeling very weak and it looked almost as if his story was coming to an end. The doctor said, “There is not much that I can do. I can only give you a suggestion: cut your sex life in half.”

The old man said, “Okay, which half – thinking or talking?”

All the religions have turned your sex energy into thinking and talking – that has become your preoccupation. I am just giving you one instance – one of the most important. And there are many. Anything that has been prohibited, inhibited, anything that has been condemned, takes on a tremendous attraction and that attraction creates a preoccupation.

You have to watch what your preoccupations are that create the wall. Removing that wall is not difficult; just watching the futility of it is enough for its disappearance.

[Excerpted From: The New Dawn]

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