11 Proven Exercises and Stretches to Increase Height Naturally!

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As we discussed previously in our article “11 Top-notch Foods to Increase Height Naturally” that even after puberty you can still grow a few inches more by incorporating the healthy lifestyle which includes nutritious food, proper sitting-standing postures, sound and adequate sleep, and the most importantly height boosting stretching exercises in daily routine. There are certain height boosting stretching exercises that can enhance muscle length and strength.

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Here below are the muscles stretching exercises and activities for height-gain:

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swimming promotes height

Swimming is a fantastic and athletic exercise to score a towering height and elegant body-frame. No other exercise is comparable to swimming; 5 to 6 hours a week can do wonders to bring your body to a great shape. It not only turns you taller but also the best cardio workouts to lose weight. Swimming stretches almost all parts of the body. The most of the stretching exercises utilize the same body motions as of swimming, so it clearly points out that swimming workout the accurate muscle group to increase height. In fact, Swimming is the best exercise for the entire cardio vascular system. How it works? …it actually increases the spine length, widens the shoulders, and broadens the chest targeting the torso (muscles of the upper body and hips). Thus, Swimming is the most effective exercise for the purpose of getting you taller.


In all honesty, jumping is one of the best possible ways to boost your height. The height boosting jumping exercises are rope jumps, spot jumps, vertical jumps, and the best of all is squat jumping. The best sports to do all this is none other than ‘basketball’. Jumping all this way is truly an effective way to increase your height. How it works? …due to the forceful lifting of the feet, the spine and calf muscles experience stretching and as a result boost the growth of the body in an effective manner. Jumping also raises the level of blood supply to the bones increasing the bone density, resulting into stimulation of the growth hormones.


The simplest of all the height boosting exercises having quick results is ‘Hanging’. Hanging provides a great challenge to the body muscles; these exercises are simple but tough too. How it works? …doing it vigorously causes spine extension and also elongates the cartilage in the vertebral column, supporting the height-gain. Grab a monkey bar, hang on for 30 seconds and repeating it 10-15 times is a great way to boost your height. It should be noted here that doing it vigorously doesn’t move your thighs along with your legs.

Standing & Seated Toe Touch

If it is a topic of height increasing exercises, nothing can override the benefits of Standing and Sitting Toe Touch. These are the most effective and basic exercises to boost your height growth. How it works? …these stretching exercises strengthen the spine and increase the flexibility of the muscles and the bones resulting in effective height-gain. Initially, it would be tough to stretch but with the time you will be able to perform and stretch as it should be.

Cobra Stretch

Cobra Stretch is actually a yoga exercise for healing spine and the neck. The cobra stretch is one of the most vibrant stretching exercises, simple to learn and easy to execute putting no extra stress on the body. How it works? …it directly targets stretching out the spine and elongating the body. It not only strengthens and stretches the cartilage present in the spinal cord but also tones the back and abdomen muscles to help increase in your height. Performing …lie on your stomach with legs stretched behind and toes joined together; now, thrust your torso (muscles of the upper body and hips) off the floor with support of your hands and stretch and straighten out your torso as much as you can. Be in the position for 30 seconds and perform this stretching cum healing exercise 2 to 3 times to maximize the potential for the growth of your body.

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Cat and Cow Stretch

Just like the Cobra Stretch, Cat and Cow Stretch are yoga moves for back pain relief. How it works? …this stretching exercise open ups the spine and helps in strengthening arms, shoulders chest and back. Performing …as the name suggest bend down like a cat or cow and breathe in then arch your spine inward while lifting the head and hips, and then arch your spine the other way as you breathe out. Repeat this stretch 15 times and you will feel the benefit at your own.

Pelvic Shift


Undoubtedly, pelvic shift is an easy-to-do stretching exercise for growing taller. How it works? …it targets and stretches the spine and lower hips, reaching the required expansion of the muscle. Performing …lie on the floor with your back and then lifting your hips and torso up to the ceiling by pressing your feet to the ground and form a try to form a straight line from the neck to the knees. Be in the position for 30 seconds and repeat the stretch 3- to 4 times to strengthen abs, hips and thighs.

Table Top

Table Top is a slightly difficult exercise which needs practice to perform it in a perfect way. But believe me, once you get the perfect hands on it, this can do wonders as far as height increasing is concerned. It firms spine and the back muscles. Sitting on the floor you need to lift your body up to form the shape of a table as the name of the exercise suggests the same. Staying in as a table for 20 seconds and coming to the straight position; and repeating it 2 to 3 times will amazingly add the desired inches to your height in a few weeks.

Triangle Pose

This is again a yoga pose aiming stretching and strengthening the body muscles. How it works? …putting the required pressure on the hamstring, calves, spine, hips and groin; it helps improving digestion and relieving from the anxiety caused by back pain and over stress. Performing …standing straight and then bending your body to the right then raise your left hand straight up in and touching your right hand to your right ankle. Repeat this to the left side too. Keep your right foot out at 90 degrees and left foot at 15 degrees. Repeat it on the both sides 2 times and keep yourself steady in the position for 30 seconds.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

This is one of the best yoga pose actually aim for weight loss and also aids in height growth. This great yoga pose works with stretching the spines and strengthening the legs, feet, arms, and shoulders. It is also used as a healing technique from stress, headache, insomnia, and fatigue. As the name suggests bend down like a dog on all four (legs and arms) and lifting your hips up by stretching your legs forming an inverted V shape. Be steady for 30 seconds and have long breaths; repeat it 2 to 3 times.

Hands On The Head Bow Down

This is one of the best super stretching exercise that aims at stretching the spine as well as strengthening the lower body muscles. It also works as a healing technique from neck pain and fatigue. Performing …keeping your hands together behind your neck then bending forward from standing position as far as possible, bringing your chin down to your chest will give the stretch to the spine and strength to the muscles involved. Just remember, not to bend your knees and each repetition should last between 4 to 8 seconds.

Include the above mentioned stretching exercises and widely acknowledged yoga poses into your daily to-do task list to gain height naturally.

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