April 9, 2016 Jonathan 4Comment

There is no more marvelous organ in the body than the human eye. After evolutionary ages, the eye has become probably the most exquisitely adjusted, perfectly controlled and wholly extraordinary of all our organs. It has the strength and endurance, normally, to give perfect service for a long lifetime. Its…

March 13, 2016 Jonathan

It is possible for one to develop physical strength above the average without developing organic strength, and in fact at the expense of organic strength. It is much better, if a well-rounded and complete development muscularly and organically cannot be developed, to develop the inner strength rather than the muscular….

February 14, 2016 Jonathan 1Comment

The normal day may be considered divided into three equal parts – of eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for sleep. Accordingly a person should spend at least one-third of life in sleep. To many people this seems a waste of time, and a great…

January 16, 2016 Jonathan

A very great deal has been written about the value of breathing and breathing exercises, and quite unnecessary stress has been laid by misguided enthusiasm upon certain types of breathing for specific effects upon the body. Without doubt, however, deep breathing to expand the lungs, taken at regular intervals or…

November 8, 2015 Jonathan

Health is not merely ability to stay out of a sick-bed. Health means the harmonious functioning of all the parts forming the whole of the body. Where there is harmonious action, no organ will be working less than normal and thus throwing extra work upon some other organ or organs….